5 extreme water sports in Barcelona

5 extreme water sports in Barcelona

25 April, 2016 in Exclusive leisure Barcelona

Barcelona’s gorgeous beaches are ideal to tan, swim or build sandcastles, but you can also try something more extreme.

Over the past years, many extreme sports emerged and became very popular thanks to the sensations they produce. For that reason, lots of companies propose you to try different sports and activities that will increase your adrenaline level, here is a selection of the ones you can practice in or above the sea in Barcelona.

 Extreme Water sports

1. Banana/Flyfish

banana flyfish barcelona

Ride a gigantic towable banana boat with your friends at full speed, and just try not to fall! Basically, it is like a rodeo on the water.

In the same style, the flyfish is towed by a powerful boat, but the waves and the wind will make you take off in the air.

These exhilarating activities are ideal to practice with friends so you can organize challenges and give a free drink to the last one to fall!

2. Flyboard and Hoverboard

flyboard barcelona

Looking like the invention of a comic book supervillain, the flyboard can propel you from 15 to 35 feet in the air thanks to air and water pressure. This sport is becoming very popular, it enables you to perform figures in the air, to swim very fast and to jump like a dolphin. And what if I told you that there is now the Hoverboard version so you can feel like Marty McFly in Back to the Future part 2?

hoverboard barcelona

3. Monster

Coming from New Zealand, the Monster is a high speed boat with a capacity of 12 passengers that performs 360° turns, brakes, and skids. Hold on tight and enjoy the adrenaline!

4. Parasailing


It’s a bird… It’s a plane… Oh no, it’s just Sophia and Emma doing some parasailing. Enjoy the wonderful views of Barcelona while flying at over 490 feet above the sea level! This invention is not recent, but its popularity is, and its practice is becoming more and more accessible.

5. “Classic” activities

paddle barcelona

Of course, to take your adrenaline dose, you can also enjoy more classic activities such as surfing or jet skiing.

And for the ones who want to practice an activity but that have had enough extreme sensations for the day, stand up paddling and kayaking are also available in Barcelona.

Put on your swimsuit and get extreme sensations in Barcelona!

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