Spain among the reference markets in luxury homes.

Spain among the reference markets in luxury homes.

19 December, 2018 in Real Estate, Real estate investment, Real Estate Trends, Why Barcelona?

It is well known that the Spanish luxury Real Estate has been climbing positions for many years.
The interest for the purchase of high standing properties by national and international investors has placed Spain in first position in the luxury residential market.

Locations as demanded as Barcelona and Madrid or the whole area of the Mediterranean coast such as the Costa Brava, has made the Spanish market of luxury homes present a rise of 10% in their prices, ahead of cities such as Paris or Berlin.

How do we define a high standing house?

Some requirements are necessary to be able to grant qualifications such as “luxury”, “exclusive” or “high standing” to a property. For example:

1. The location or location in high standing housing
2. Interior design in exclusive buildings
3. The price in luxury properties
4. Security in high standing properties:
5. In certain cases, the surface on the ground of luxury real estate


For more information: 5 Key elements to define luxury real estate

Barcelona is chosen as an enclave for the practice of heritage and historical tourism. The city has registered in recent years a tourist record that confirms the undeniable attraction of the city, thanks to its good weather and its fashionable places of reference. Thus, Barcelona is a privileged destination for investments from abroad, which have set their sights on the Catalan city.
The Catalan capital is highly demanded as a place of residence. The city has seen British, French, Swiss, Portuguese and Danish foreigners interested in buying luxury homes in Barcelona.


Spain, residential ‘prime’

According to the Valuation Institute, during the third quarter, the price of luxury homes in Spain registered the second largest increase in all of Europe.
The fact to note is that luxury homes of more than € 15,000 / m2 have become more expensive than 50%.
Against Spain, Scotland leads the price increase in luxury homes in Europe. Especially Edinburgh and Glasgow. While the markets of France and Germany grow more moderately. With increases of 5.6% in Paris to 5.4% in Berlin.


Luxury Font: Exclusive properties in Barcelona and Costa Brava

With a wide and exclusive portfolio of villas with private swimming pools, penthouses with spectacular views or farmhouses and farms with huge gardens, at Luxury Font we work to find you simply the best.

Depending on your needs, we do ‘deep research’ in the market to find the home you are looking for.

For more information and to know in depth our portfolio of Properties: Portfolio luxury properties in Barcelona.

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