Magnificent luxury property in Valldoreix in the province of Barcelona

Designed with the idea of living inside a cubic sculpture.

This magnificent property was designed with the idea of living inside a cubic sculpture that defies gravity. It consists of a series of cubes that interact with each other opening to the outside giving a sense of eternal continuity of spaces and views perfectly framed by glass walls.

Emphasizes the empty central space which connects the rooms with glass bridges creating a sensation of momentary weightlessness.
The different rooms are located on the upper floors, highlighting the 1st floor master suite and the 3rd floor suite with an annexed office with a Monsterrat viewpoint.
The interior circulation can be done by a staircase of glass steps that revolves around a monolith covered in stone that in turn accompany us.
On the ground floor we find the living room of 75 m2 and a fabulous kitchen suitable for the most demanding. Stresses in the kitchen the office table extended to the outside porch.
The finishes, exquisite, allow pure lines that convey a sense of harmony throughout the house.
In the basement, we find the cinema room, the gym and the sauna area, all with natural light through the pool, a solution created by the architect to increase the sense of connection in all the elements of the house. It also has parking for 4 cars.

All floors are connected by an elevator that runs through all floors.


Living in this house that goes a step further to the concept of a work of art turns out to be a sensory experience with a perfect balance of technology, comfort and harmony between the spaces.

One last important detail that gives the property a new dimension is the possibility of acquiring the adjacent plot, where a guest house could be built perfectly integrated with the property.
It is a construction complementary to the main house, which houses a general space for meetings of many people with built-in Argentine style barbecue, work island, cellar and refrigerator, which can be opened completely by the sliding door system which connects the space with a semi olympic pool as a river that crosses the property longitudinally. The front garden would be prepared to house an ecological garden and the whole environment would be surrounded by small birch forests as in the main house. In addition a cantilever that gives shelter to a space for 2 cars or a play area.

In the upper part there is a bridge that connects the two properties passing over the pool, giving entrance to the main space from above.

The area flown would be a chill out with a bonfire area housed in the natural stone wall that acts as the axis for the construction and that would have a retractable slat system which allows it to be open or covered.

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