Lux Country House in the Emporda – Girona

Lux Country House in the Emporda Girona

At the heart of Emporda, the Catalan Tuscany, just 30 minutes from the airport is this beautiful property which highlights magnificent gardens, its views and its care in small details; which combine the latest technology with a taste for the past.

At the top of a small hillock which ensures great views and privacy, this home is located is the synthesis of the latest design and the respect for the past.

Offers four halls: day, night, TV and reading. All rooms have their own bathroom.

With underfloor heating throughout the house also has the latest security measures, such as bullet-proof glass, security cameras and automatic closing of the house.
In a separate annex the pediment is surrounded by more than 9,000 m2 garden, whose careful design is also benefited by the irrigation system which includes the IV in all garden plants.  In addition, the house has three wells so that the cost of water is nonexistent.

The attention to detail is observed even in the fact that all the way from the main roads are paved.

Living in the Emporda Girona

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