Real estate investment in Spain breaks record in 2018

Real estate investment in Spain breaks record in 2018

18 January, 2019 in Real Estate, Real estate investment, Why Barcelona?

Last 2018 ended with a total volume of 11,630 million euros in the sale and purchase of assets. Without taking into account corporate operations. The best year of the last decade for real estate investment in Spain.

As anticipated at the beginning of the year, 2018 has been a great year for the Real Estate. According to data, real estate investment amounts to 18,750 million euros, which represents an interannual increase of 46%, since in 2017 it was 12,849 million.

Real estate investment soars 46% to 19,000 million

Real estate investments in our country continue to attract buyers from all over the world. So much so that in 2018, this market has broken a historical mark in Spain.

inversion inmobiliaria espana 2018


Of the 18,750 million invested in 2018, 6,650 were in Madrid (44%) and almost 2,000 in Catalonia (20%).

If the division by sectors is made, the investment has been as follows: offices (4,451 million); retail (4,269); residential (4.223); hotelier (3,941); logistics (1,507) and other assets (328).

All of them have participated in a historic year for the real estate sector in which alternative assets have also had their space, especially student residences, hospital centers and nursing homes.


Barcelona, positive

If the national data has been positive, those of the Catalan capital have not been left behind. Focusing on investment, the Barcelona market closed 2018 with 2,200 million euros, in line with what was registered a year earlier, when the amount allocated to the real estate business in the city was 2,177 million euros.

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