Prefabricated houses, an upward trend

Prefabricated houses, an upward trend

18 February, 2019 in Real Estate Trends, Why Barcelona?

The prefabricated houses are gaining prominence in real estate and one of the causes are the endless possibilities they offer. One of the main reasons is that this type of housing can be modified depending on the owner’s requirements.

The ‘boom’ of prefabricated homes: faster in their construction, expandable and more efficient

The rise in the price of rent makes the focus of attention, focus again towards the purchase of housing.

More and more spanish buyers choose to live in houses manufactured in industrial warehouses and then transported to the place where they wish to reside. They are more efficient than conventional properties, although not as cheap as they seem. The price depends on the characteristics of the house, dimensions, size and the rest of the equipment that you want to include. One of the materials most used in its construction is concrete.


Prefabricated concrete houses, the most common that are demanded in Spain.

There are difference between the wooden houses, which can be more demanded in other regions of the world. In Spain, preference is found in prefabricated concrete houses. A house that is manufactured from architectural concrete blocks by modules.
This type of housing is characterized by a good resistance to the passage of time, since concrete is a very durable material. In addition, they offer the same possibilities as traditional houses.

You can make low cost homes, very simple, or high luxury homes with very careful designs. In addition, the possibility of adding as many modules as the owner wishes, causes the price to be modulated. Characteristics and size influence the final price.

The wooden houses are simpler and cheaper in terms of price, but they need more maintenance and their durability is lower, although that does not mean that it is a wrong decision compared to other materials. It will depend on the location and preferences of the client.


Demand has tripled in Spain in just 2 years.

The demand for prefabricated houses is increasingly common in Spain. In the last three years, the purchase of this type of housing has tripled.
The demand for this type of housing has tripled in recent years in our country. From just over 2,000 in 2015 to 7,000 in 2017.

The reasons: One cheaper square meter, the possibility of customizing in detail by building or retouching on demand and reducing energy consumption are some of them.
The impact generated by these houses is less than that of others and they are considered ecological homes, both for the materials used and for their construction process.

An alternative to traditional properties that is entering the real estate market with force.

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