Mountain activities near Barcelona

Mountain activities near Barcelona

29 February, 2016 in Exclusive leisure Barcelona

Not only Barcelona has wonderful beaches ideal to go tanning or swimming in winter, but moreover, it is very close to many ski resorts. But skiing is not the only activity you can do in these resorts, there is a large range of discoveries and adventures to try in the snow. Here is a selection of unusual mountain activities.

Mountain activities

Ice diving

Ice diving

If you are seeking extreme sensations and different activities, ice diving may be the ideal activity for you. Test yourself to the limit to feel the thrill of adrenaline and feel like you were in the setting of a science fiction movie!

Once you get used to being under a ceiling of ice and in cold water, you can finally relax, admire your surroundings, and play with your exhaled air bubbles trapped under the ice. The ice blocks the wind and prevents underwater particles from moving, increasing the visibility a lot compared to regular diving.

Of course you will be with a team of professionals who will ensure your safety.

Snowshoes trails

randonnée en raquettes

Source: Montcalm Over Blog

If strong sensations are not your cup of tea, you can enjoy wonderful mountain landscapes, breathe pure air, and take care of your health by going for a walk in snowshoes. Either alone or with a group and a guide, you will enjoy the peacefulness and quietness of the majestic Pyrenees mountain chain. Ideal to relax and empty your mind.

Snowmobiles and dog sleds

Snowmobiles Dog sleds

Going to the mountain also enables you to try unusual means of transport such as snowmobiles or even dog sleds if you are an animal lover. With your friends or your family, you are guaranteed to have a great time!

Snow Segway

Snow segway

Since the beginning of the 2000’s, the Segway became very popular and invaded big cities. Many Segway tours are organised all around the world, Barcelona included. But did you know that it is also possible to use a Segway in the snow? If you want to feel free and have fun while exploring the nature, some resorts have developed snow Segway circuits. A Segway is very easy to use and a guide will be here to help you.

Not all the activities are available in every ski resort, now that you know the possibilities, you can choose your resort according to your preferences.

This winter, in addition to skiing, snowboarding or sledging, try something different to spend unforgettable holidays! Whether you like strong sensations, nice landscapes, or even animals, there are activities to suit all tastes!

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