Luxury shopping in Barcelona

Luxury shopping in Barcelona

19 May, 2016 in Exclusive leisure Barcelona

It seems that Barcelona has gained ground over Madrid as the favorite place to do luxury shopping, according to foreign tourists and Spanish people. Currently Catalonia is attracting the great part of foreign tourists looking for haute couture and to do luxury shopping in Spain. The Paseo de Gracia avenue, one of the main avenues of Barcelona and one of the famoust avenues of Catalonia, attracts each year more and more foreign tourists looking for luxury and exclusive brands.

Global firms are focusing in the Paseo de Gracia

shopping en paseo de grácia

The Paseo de Gracia, Spain’s most visited commercial hub, is considered to be the Catalan’s boulevard of luxury. Indeed, a Spanish luxury association (Asociación Española del Lujo) chose Barcelona as favorite shopping destination across Spain.

With thousands of tourists who come to visit the Paseo de Gracia, international brands knew they had to set up in this area, bringing together nearly 200 stores, to turn the avenue into a “Milla de oro” as a reference to Madrid.

Authentic luxury brands and more

Among the brands that we can find in the avenue there are large luxury firms, more affordable brands and brands affordable for all customers. Thus, you can find British designers of international renowned such as Stella McCartney, Italian great fashion designers (as Valentino, Prada), and French ones (like Louis Vuitton) that have their own store in the avenue. But it is impossible to mention the Paseo de Gracia without naming the biggest fashion references in Barcelona, ​​Santa Eulalia, a true pop-up store where international big names of haute couture as Lanvin, Balenciaga and Michael Kors have a store.

We can also mention shops like Max & Co, Hoss Intropia -more affordable fashion retailers among others- but who also have a place in this emblematic exclusive commercial hub.

Finally, we can not forget to mention shops such as Puma, Zara, H&M in the Paseo de Gracia, that are aimed to all category of purses. Giving the diversity of references available in this famous Spanish avenue, everyone can understand that such a place could have been selected by Spanish people as the favorite destination to do shopping and it seems that this tendency is not going to change so soon.

shopping Passeig de Grácia Barcelona

New exclusive trends that you can enjoy

LVMH Moet Hennessy • Louis Vuitton, more commonly known as LVMH, a multinational French group, owner of more than 60 renowned worldwide brands and headquartered in Paris, is extending in Barcelona with the project of opening a Kenzo store in the Paseo de Gracia (it will be the second Kenzo store present in the Spanish market).

The French fashion group is already present in the Paseo with major brands such as Celine, Christian Dior, Berlutti or Loewe. But Japanese brands have also recently entered the Paseo and the giant Uniqlo is preparing the launch of its first store in Spain.

Another important incoming event is eventually coming: the French firm of haute couture Chanel, after a dealing made with the Majestic Hotel Group, is going to re-open its store next to the new Dior store. So, more and more luxury brands are coming to set up new stores in Barcelona wishing to be located more precisely on the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona.

In order to end your luxury shopping day….

And because walking kilometers walk can be exhausting at the end of a day dedicated to shopping (even more when you have to carry many bags), there is nothing better than chilling out in a coffee shop, a tea shop or a wine bar in the Paseo de Gràcia or in La Rambla de Catalunya.

This time, we want to suggest you the Monvínic wine bar where a selection of between forty and fifty wines from all around the world can be tasted. In addition, you can accompany the wines with tapas made according to authentic Catalan recipes. Chefs are present in the bar if you need any advice on the menu and wine you are interested in. At Monvínic, you will enjoy a wide place to relax, beautifully designed and contemporary.
Terraza Monvínic

Come to discover the most exclusive trend brands of the Paseo de Gracia located right in the center of Barcelona.

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