La Garoinada, the Sea Urchin Festival in Palafrugell

La Garoinada, the Sea Urchin Festival in Palafrugell

19 January, 2016 in Gastronomy Costa Brava

Located at a one and a half hour drive from Barcelona, Palafrugell is a nice city in Girona which will host the 25th edition of La Garoinada, the Sea Urchin Festival, from January the 15th to March the 20th.

La Garoinada

La Garoinada is the first and one of the most well-known and traditional gastronomic events of Girona. It celebrates sea urchins among other regional products every year since 1992.

Different restaurants in Palafrugell will take part to the event, you can see which ones on the image above. They will propose a set menu including a starter of sea urchins, a main course consisting of a local product which changes from one year to another, and a typical dessert based on local cuisine too.

Garoinada event

Source: visitpalafrugell.cat

Every year, the event is held in midwinter between January and March when the sea is peaceful and the sea urchins are at their best.

The organizers propose different packs that can include a Garoinada menu, accommodation in a three star hotel, boat excursions, wine tasting, and free access to Palafrugell’s cultural facilities.

For more information about La Garoinada, you can visit the official website.


Calella de Palafrugell

Calella de Palafrugell. Source: Traveler

You can take advantage of La Garoinada and your stay in Palafrugell to visit some of the tourist attractions of this charming city whose name comes from the contraction of the name of its former palace: Palacio Fregellis.

1. Josep Pla route

Josep Pla was a Spanish writer, poet, and journalist from the 20th century. He was born in Palafrugell, and you can discover the most important places of his life and his texts in the city thanks to the Josep Pla route which starts with his first home.

2. Torres de Guaita (Watchtowers)

Torres Guaita

source: visitpalafrugell.cat

During the 13th century, a fortification wall surrounded the city to protect the citizens from the various territory wars that would occur during the feudal period. During the 14th and 15th century, corsairs and pirates would rule the sea and attack coastal towns. For this reason, the Sant Sebastià watchtower was erected.

You can admire these evidences of the past which are part of the city’s cultural heritage by taking a pleasant walk in a beautiful setting.

3. Ruta dels Americanos

The first Catalan ship to the American colonies left in 1765. During the 19th century, many immigrants from Palafrugell lived in America, especially in Cuba and Argentina. The Bassa Rocas family had strong religious conviction and were great Catalonia lovers. In Argentina, they promoted Catalan culture, making them very popular in Catalonia.

The americanos route starts at their house and shows the highlights of the life of these people who made fortune in America.

For more information about Palafrugell, you can visit the city hall website.

Discover Catalan culture and gastronomy during La Garoinada, the Sea Urchin Festival in Palafrugell!

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