Invest in rental housing in Barcelona. An upward option.

Invest in rental housing in Barcelona. An upward option.

22 May, 2018 in Real estate investment, Real Estate Trends, Why Barcelona?

The profitability offered by the investment in housing to put them for rent has increased from 6.3% to 7.3% on average in Spain in a year.

This is due to the increase and consolidation experienced by the rental demand during the year 2017.

A clear indicator that the real estate market has become interesting for small investors who are taking advantage of the strong demand in rental housing and the rise in their prices. According to different statistics, in 2017 the average price has shot close to 20%.

The rental market in Barcelona, rising trend for investors.

The real estate market of Barcelona is installed in an upward trend that monetizes real estate investment in rent, converting it into an exclusive product.

The growing demand for flats, both for purchase and for rent, has led to a 10.2% increase in the price of housing in Barcelona in the last year, according to the latest report from the Sociedad de Tasación (ST).

You just need to see the historic. In five years the price of housing for rent in Barcelona has grown by 29% and the sale price has risen by 24%. Increases that favor the profitability of investors.

This fact has led to the consequence that rents in Catalonia have increased by 10.8%, due to the increase in the capital and its metropolitan area.

While the average rent in Catalonia has risen by about 21%, to € 655 / month, rents in Barcelona have increased almost 29%, reaching € 877 / month.


Faced with the rise in rents, home ownership has not been left behind.
In fact, with respect to minimums of almost 5 years ago, the price of the square meter in Barcelona stands at 4,072 euros. 24% over 2013

Are we facing a new bubble? We only know that the economic recovery allows demand to continue growing and consequently its prices.

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