Futura. Barcelona Training and Employment Week

Futura. Barcelona Training and Employment Week

15 February, 2016 in Events in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in constant motion. A epicenter city of great events that promote the most important sectors of our society.

From March the 9th to the 13th, the Recinto Montjuïc will host the Semana de la Formación y el Trabajo meaning Training and Employment Week.

The event will be divided into two fairs: Futura, the Masters and Postgraduate Studies Fair (Saló dels Màsters i Postgraus) on March the 11th and the 12th, and the Education Fair (Saló de l’Ensenyament) from March the 9th to the 13th.

Futura, the Masters and Postgraduate Studies Fair

This event is dedicated to people willing to enroll in a master’s degree or postgraduate studies. The fair overflows with useful activities; you will be able to apply to job offers, to discover new working fields, opportunities to work abroad, and to take advice from professionals to develop your career objectives.

Futura Barcelona

Source: www.salofutura.com

There will be practical working groups to enable you to discover the opportunities in new professions such as technologies, finance or design, and opportunities to work abroad.

Professionals will give informative speeches about entrepreneurs and new firms; and organize personalized interviews to help you find which field suits you better.

It is also the ideal occasion to find employment opportunities and job offers; and to discover which fields are the most popular and new available possibilities.

For more information about Futura, the Masters and Postgraduate Studies Fair, you can visit the official website.

Education Fair

In this fair, students can benefit from personalized advice regarding course choices, discover jobs related to multimedia technologies through demonstrations and activities, and to find opportunities to take languages classes abroad.

In other words, the fair aims to help students to find their path.

Futura Barcelona

Source: www.ensenyament.com

The event is divided into 5 areas.

1. Information and course choices

In this area, professionals will advise students to help them to find what studies correspond with their interests and abilities. Thanks to them, students can discover new employment possibilities and know themselves better by discussing their case to put their doubts and wishes into words.

2. Multimedia area

The multimedia area consists in three spaces: one of them is a videogame demonstration space, the second one enables attendees to try the virtual reality experience, and the last one permit them to learn how videogames are created and designed.

3. Science area

The Science area aims to encourage youngsters to be interested in science by showing them how entertaining it can be. They will be able to take part in amusing experiences and demonstrations.

4. Languages fair

In this area, students will discover the different ways to learn a language by going abroad, as it is the most efficient way.

5. Activities room

The activities room will enable students to discover bioinformatics, design thinking, how to create special effects, and many other fascinating fields.

For more information about the Education Fair, you can visit the official website.

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