Extreme activities in Catalonia

Extreme activities in Catalonia

4 April, 2016 in Exclusive leisure Barcelona

Catalonia has a lot to offer regarding extreme activities for the ones who are seeking adrenaline. Mountain, sea, countryside… Catalonia holds every kind of landscapes and wonderful views, which enables strong sensations lovers to try many kind of activities while enjoying the beauty of the region.

Extreme activities in Catalonia

Potholing and speleology

espeologia catalunya

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The Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park is the only national park located in Catalonia. It is a wild mountainous region in the Pyrenees with summits rising up to 3017 meters (about 9900 feet). Among the many activities that you can do, such as rock climbing or paragliding, it is also possible to go potholing. If you want to explore the underground Catalonia, clubs and organizations propose you to try it in group with a guide who will make sure of your safety and teach you some interesting facts about speleology.

Glider flight.


The most common way to launch a glider is to tow it behind a powered aircraft, and when the glider pilot has reached the ideal altitude, he releases the rope to let the glider fly free. Once it is launched, the sailplane can remain airborne for hours, but most of the companies proposing to try this experience make it last around 20 or 30 minutes. It is an ideal way to enjoy the landscapes of Catalonia.

Via Ferrata

via ferrata catalunya

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Are you looking for a challenge?

If so, you can confront one of the many vie ferrate of Catalonia. A via ferrata is a climbing route on a rock wall with a steel cable running along the route in order for climbers to secure themselves. It is the most accessible climbing activity for beginners, and yet, it can provide very strong sensations, from euphoria to stress but at the end, the feeling of achievement and the pride are beyond compare.


canyoniing catalunya

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If you want to try an experience that will combine all kind of skills and activities such as potholing, swimming, and hiking, go canyoneering! In addition to test yourself and feel the thrill of adrenaline, you will feel closer to nature as you will be surrounded by it and have to adapt to it. The beautiful Pyrenees are ideal for this kind of activities. Slide in waterfalls, climb rocks, swim in rivers… This is pure adventure. If you have always been envying Indiana Jones, it is the occasion to overcome your jealousy!

Test yourself to the limits by trying amazing adventures in Catalonia!

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