Exclusive shopping Barcelona – Santa Eulalia

Exclusive shopping Barcelona – Santa Eulalia

13 April, 2016 in Exclusive leisure Barcelona

Located at the number 93 of Passeig the Gracia, Santa Eulalia is a well-known fashion boutique selling luxury clothing designed by very famous creators and brands from all over the world such as Christian Louboutin, Valentino, or Kenzo, for both men and women. It was declared one of the 30 top menswear stores in the world by Pitt Uomo and The Business of Fashion.

Exclusive shopping Barcelona

santa eulalia

The decoration is discreet and tasteful, and opulence is present only within the selection of clothes and brands.

With a nice team at your service, it is the ideal place to spend quality shopping time alone or with your friends.

Bespoke tailoring

Santa Eulalia’s prestigious tailoring workshop is one of the most antique of Spain. Frequented by international figures of various fields, it satisfies the wills of the most demanding and elegant customers with a great savoir-faire.

A Santa Eulalia suit is the result of 42 hours of work by a team dedicated to give their best to make the customer’s dream come true. The tailors work in front of you so you can see every step of the creation of such masterpieces.

Reveal your personality by choosing the fabric, the style, and the cut of your suit with the help and advice of kind professionals dedicated to your desires.

The brand

Selling only beautiful fabrics at the beginning, Santa Eulalia began designing its own haute couture collections in 1920. At the end of the sixties, the brand started proposing prêt-à-porter to meet the increasing demand.

Today, Santa Eulalia orders small personalized collections from some of the best workshops and craftsmen in Italy, France and Spain in order to propose unique pieces to their clients.

The brand also proposes its own line of fragrances inspired by the city of Barcelona.


mujer santa eulalia

Santa Eulalia proposes a large range of clothing, accessories, shoes and perfumes made by more than sixty of the most famous designers and perfumers in the world, such as Lanvin, Nina Ricci, or Sonia Rykiel.


santa eulalia

Positioned among the 30 top menswear stores in the world according to Pitt Uomo and The Business of Fashion, the boutique proposes men clothing and accessories by more than 50 renowned designers, among them Canada Goose, Jacob Cohën, or Tom Ford.

Santa Eulalia has also a range of men clothing and accessories of its own brand, proposing various sweaters, jerseys, jackets, waistcoats, shirts, belts, bowties and perfumes.

Champagne bar

champagne bar santa eulalia

To enjoy a delicious menu of Mediterranean inspirations, a glass of Champagne, a breakfast or a tea with succulent pastries such as Enric Rosich’s famous macaroons, the Champagne Bar offers you a nice atmosphere to take a rest between two shopping sessions. You can even savor these delights on the terrace when the weather is clement.

Santa Eulalia’s friendly team is waiting for you to satisfy your every wish!

For more information, you can visit Santa Eulalia’s official website.

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