Exclusive properties in Costa Brava

Exclusive properties in Costa Brava

14 December, 2015 in Corporate, Exclusive Areas Costa Brava

If you are tired of the noise and the crowd of the city, if you like to relax in the open air but need more than a balcony over a busy street to enjoy it fully, or if you want to try different activities than the ones available in the city, Costa Brava may be the ideal destination for you. Luxury Font has a large range of exclusive properties in Costa Brava to offer you.

Exclusive properties in Costa Brava

Exclusive properties

To relax and admire the beauty of nature in a peaceful atmosphere, the best thing to do could be to settle in Costa Brava, either for a long period of time or a shorter one. Luxury Font proposes mansions, villas, and farmhouses located in one of the most gorgeous regions of the country.

Contrary to an apartment in the city center, a house, a mansion or villa in the countryside, especially in the Costa Brava area, will guarantee you a quiet atmosphere and dazzling views over natural landscapes, while being close enough to Barcelona to be able to take advantage of the city, if you need to attend important events for example.

The main advantage of mansions and villas over apartments is the garden. A property in the countryside will usually have a private pool, a terrace, an outdoor lounge, and sometimes even a tennis court. If you choose a residence in the countryside, you will have more space and more comfort than in the city. Also, for those of you who want to flee from the city to seek more authenticity, beautiful renovated farmhouses are available in Luxury Font portfolio too.

Exclusive properties Costa Brava

Moreover, Costa Brava is not only great to relax, but a large range of activities is also available: from scuba diving to hiking through flying in a hot air balloon or even exploring the country’s History and cultural heritage thanks to the various ruins and many museums.

You can either spend a few days in Costa Brava during your holidays, or even settle there for an indefinite amount of time to have the impression to be on holiday all year long thanks to the dreamlike landscapes, the quietness, and the Mediterranean climate. Develop you historical, cultural, and architectural awareness while enjoying a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Rent or buy a residence in Costa Brava, and enjoy the peacefulness, the beauty, and the heritage of this gorgeous area.

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