Gastronomy Costa Brava

The Catalan cuisine is truly delicious and Costa Brava is one of the best places to try it. In the region there are food and wine tours that will give you a firm introduction to the Catalan gastronomy and many local, genuine restaurants throughout the region.
19 January, 2016 in Gastronomy Costa Brava
Located at a one and a half hour drive from Barcelona, Palafrugell is a nice city in Girona which will host the 25th edition of La Garoinada, the Sea Urchin Festival, from January the 15th to March the...

18 December, 2015 in Gastronomy Costa Brava
To discover Catalan traditional cuisine and wine, there is nothing better than a food and wine tour in the regions of Empordà and Costa Brava. Cava, fuet, escalivada, suquet de peix... Taste these Catalan...