Costa Brava Experience: Roses

Costa Brava Experience: Roses

29 January, 2016 in Exclusive Areas Costa Brava

Roses, or Rosas in Catalan, is a wonderful town in Alt Empordá in the province of Girona. Very attractive to tourists and investors, this town has a lot of interesting places to visit and beautiful landscapes. You can access Cap de Creus Natural Park to admire its protected species and gorgeous views, or simply enjoy the beauty of this great town by walking around and visit the many points of interests.

Costa Brava Experience: Roses

Roses is fascinating especially on a historical point of view, and many witnesses of different eras from the past are still standing there.

Prehistoric sites

There are various Neolithic constructions such as dolmens and menhirs near the city. The mystery lying in such installations is fascinating, and according to the historians and archeologists, they are funerary monuments. The most spiritual minds relate that they contain a lot of energy. Other theories see in it the proof that aliens visited the Earth when man was only at his beginnings.

Whether you believe it or not, it is still captivating, and all the different and more or less crazy theories related to the matter prove that it arouses our curiosity greatly.

Visigoth camp


Part of the National Cultural Heritage, the castrum Visigótico of Roses is astonishingly well preserved and built with much more caution compared to others Visigoth fortifications in the country. It was built between 650 and 700, and many items from this era where found near the ruins. You can access it freely all year long.

Ciutadella de Roses

Ciutadella de Roses

Source: gironacb

You can admire the ruins of fortifications which started to be built in 1543 to protect the city from potential attacks. Remains from the Hellenic and Visigoth cultures have also been found in the area of the fortification. It is also part of National Cultural Heritage.

It is a very peaceful location, where you can take a walk or read book while enjoying the stunning landscape and the silence.

Roses cultural and historical heritage is very rich and these are just a few example of the amazing buildings and installations that constitute legacies from the past. Whether you want to settle in a dream location, or simply to spend some days in the footsteps of our ancestors, Roses is the ideal place.

To discover more about Roses History, the best way is to come there directly!

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