Barcelona’s best Japanese restaurants

Barcelona’s best Japanese restaurants

19 November, 2015 in Gastronomy in Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, and the large range of restaurant serving different food from all around the world prove this statement. Japanese food is not the exception, and there are, indeed, lots of Japanese restaurants in Barcelona.

But with this diversity of choice, it can be difficult to find a good one, so here is a small selection of some of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s best Japanese restaurants

Koy Shunka :: japanese restaurant

Koy Shunka

Located in Carrer de Copons, Koy Shunka invites you to enjoy a delicious Japanese dinner in a minimalist decoration.

To ensure the quality of his cooking, the chef works with organic products, and the availability of the dishes depend on the market’s supply.

The restaurant proposes you two tasting menus: Koy and (g)astro. The dishes consist mainly of fish and vegetables, white asparagus with crab for example, and sushi are also available.

For more information about Koy Shunka restaurant, you can visit his website.

Carlota Akaneya :: japanese restaurant

Carlota akaneya

In August 2011, Carlota Akaneya opens the first Sumiyaki in Europe. Sumiyaki refers to any grilled food cooked on a special type of charcoal grill. The concept comes from Korea but it became popular very quickly in Japan and is now part of the culinary culture of Japan.

The restaurant proposes two menus to share, with a large range of grilled meat and fish and other typical Japanese dishes such as Miso soup, however, don’t expect to find sushi here.

Ideal for meat and barbecue lovers!

For more information about Carlota Akaneya restaurant, you can visit the official website.

Minamo :: japanese restaurant

Minamo Japan Restaurant

Located in Consell de Cent, Minamo is the ideal restaurant for a romantic dinner. A butterfly garden recreates the natural environment of beautiful blue butterflies, a pleasure for your eyes.

For the pleasure of your mouth too, various set menus are proposed. They consist of elaborate Japanese cooking, including sushi but there are also various other dishes. The Wagyu beef imported directly from Japan is highly recommended.

For more information about this japanese restaurant, you can visit the website of Minamo.

Organic traditional dishes, barbecue and grilled meat, or romantic dinner with your partner, you now know good Japanese restaurants in Barcelona, all you have to do is to choose which one you want to try according to your situation and wish!

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